Concrete construction renovation

Deterioration of concrete due to corrosion as well as organic and atmospheric contamination. Resulting porous parts, breakage and even damage to other parts of the structure or building. Reinasan offers the solution for this.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan protection

By applying Reinasan 24/7 active Protection, additional functionalities are added to the object/product, including permanent protection against concrete rot, air pollution and deterioration. There is also source control of organic and atmospheric contamination. Applications for new parts as well as for renovation or restoration. Very suitable in combination with the preservation of concrete structures. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.


Who is Reinasan protection for?

Reinasan is made for manufacturers, agents and dealers of a wide variety of products and objects. The Reinasan system can be used in various links of a supply chain and creates a win-win situation for both partner as end user.

Wat are the benefits of using Reinasan protection?

Becoming a partner and therefore using the Reinasan System offers advantages for both the partner itself as the end user of its products. Below all the benefits at a glance.

Partner benefits

(End)user benefits

Product benefits


Safe by design

The protection and maintenance agents have no negative effects on existing properties of the construction or materials types. There is a 10-year warranty on proven performance and durability. Also through measurements and easy maintenance with environmentally friendly products, there is grip on total control. Aesthetically, nothing changes the surface.

air purifying

Turn your building into a forest!

Speaking of extra functionalities; Objects protected with Reinasan purify the air.

An object (concrete facade), treated with Reinasan outdoor protection, of 25,000 M2 located on a plot of 14,000 M2 purifies the air like 1,785 mature red Maple trees do! These mature Maples (25 years old) normally cover an area of ​​207,000 M2. That’s 32 football fields.


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