Cleaning or keeping it clean?

Reinasan ensures that every surface remains permanently clean and protected through their developed systems aimed at keeping various materials, objects and surfaces clean.


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Why keep it clean

Protects surfaces

Which materials?

Which surfaces can be treated? Please see an overview below.


Reinasan Protection

By having the Reinasan 24/7 active Protection fluid applied, the material of the object not only becomes easy to clean, other functionalities are also added!

For whom

Business to business

The systems developed by Reinasan are effortlessly added to the existing business processes of other companies. Think of manufacturers, producers, but also (wholesalers) traders, importers, distributors and agents.


Frequently asked questions

A nano coating is an upper layer. Coatings change the base / surface regarding, for instance, repelling liquids or making the surface fire-resistant. In addition, nano coatings are passive. Reinasan Protection is applied into the pores/structure of the material by use of special techniques. The Protection does not change anything about the base/surface. Furthermore, the Reinasan Protection is active in comparison with a nano coating. Light ensures a 24/7 effect

Our products support each other and are effective at a molecular level

Structural sustainability for everything that lives, as well as economically

Realising a goal together; “passing on” a cleaner, greener and safer world

Reducing TCO, increasing return (ROI) and realising structural sustainability

Reinasan establishes long-term partnerships. Reinasan partners are fully independent and able to implement the Reinasan system that suits them in their own organisation. A Reinasan distributor recruits new partners and provides those new partners with everything they need. A Reinasan agent builds a bridge between a new partner and Reinasan.

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Reinasan is my life’s work. Over the years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge, which, together with my deep-seated ambition for a cleaner planet, has led to the development of our unparalleled method and products. This isn’t just a business; it is an embodiment of my commitment to achieving a sustainable future.