Every surface permanently clean and protected

Our solutions ensure extension of the lifecycle of all products and optimised hygiene. The one ultimate protection with minimal maintenance. Experience our permanent protection yourself.

Why Reinasan

Our advantages

With our special cleaners (DCS) purification is done at a molecular level, going deep into the pores of the material. The result? A visibly and measurably cleaner result. By subsequently applying a 24/7 active protection, the attachment and deterioration by pollution is prevented, while material types, objects or other surfaces are protected permanently. If possible, also our environment-friendly cleaning products can be used. This will keep the various substrates clean and beautiful much longer. In addition, the hygiene is optimised and the lifecycle is extended.

Protects surfaces

Which materials?

Which surfaces does Reinasan treat? Please find an overview below:

Clean and healthy

Discover the secret of a healthy workplace

A permanently clean workplace is not a luxury, but a necessity. Reinasan now makes it possible for all employees to work in a really clean and safe workplace. The Reinasan solutions ensure the ultimate, permanent hygiene, minimal maintenance and extension of the lifecycle of products.

Protect surfaces

Surface treatment

The Reinasan protection products from the PSS-series are applied to the pores of the surface, by means of specific spraying techniques. Our PSS-products come in three formats.

Work en environment-friendly

Deep cleaning

Using combined techniques and applications by Reinasan, cleaning is done at a molecular level. Learn from the green technology of nature and clean by use of dirt decomposing catalysts: whether or not in combination with microfibre, steam, water, vibration and temperature.

Permanent hygiene


TouchSafe ensures permanent (24/7) decomposition of pollution and the dismantling of bacteria, viruses and fungi. TouchSafe can be used in, for instance, at child care centres, schools, public transport, multi-user workstations, offices, gyms, care centres, hospitality, dental practice, healthcare institutions, et cetera. Are you curious whether TouchSafe can also be used in your space?

Our vision

Durable technology

Sustainability is the world’s number 1 topic. Europe has translated this topic in the Green Deal and Zero Pollution. Reinasan offers your organisations ready-made, durable alternatives that foster a healthy living environment for humans, animals and the environment. Reinasan combines durability with technology. By making use of the Reinasan method, products will stay beautiful, hygienic, while you also extend the lifecycle. Our green technology ensures less waste and there are hardly any side-effects for the environment.


Frequently asked questions

A nano coating is an upper layer. Coatings change the base / surface regarding, for instance, repelling liquids or making the surface fire-resistant. In addition, nano coatings are passive. Reinasan Protection is applied into the pores/structure of the material by use of special techniques. The Protection does not change anything about the base/surface. Furthermore, the Reinasan Protection is active in comparison with a nano coating. Light ensures a 24/7 effect

Our products support each other and are effective at a molecular level

Structural sustainability for everything that lives, as well as economically

Realising a goal together; “passing on” a cleaner, greener and safer world

Reducing TCO, increasing return (ROI) and realising structural sustainability

Reinasan establishes long-term partnerships. Reinasan partners are fully independent and able to implement the Reinasan system that suits them in their own organisation. A Reinasan distributor recruits new partners and provides those new partners with everything they need. A Reinasan agent builds a bridge between a new partner and Reinasan.

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We do it together

Our partners

Reinasan works exclusively with partners who excel within their own market segment. These include automotive, construction & real estate, chemicals, oil & energy, facility services, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, wholesale & retail, hospitality, ICT, industry & manufacturing, education, government, travel & recreation, transport & logistics and business services.

Durable technology

Our mission

“Reinasan is my life’s work. Our unique method and products are a combination of the knowledge that I have gained over the last decades and my vision to leave the world cleaner. With our products, I am setting a new sustainability standard.”

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