De Vergroening

For us, contributing to a cleaner world is a normal thing. That way, we leave a greener world for generations to come. We also believe in cooperating with nature. This is partly why we started planting a food forest.

Sustainable investment

Green future

We offer our partners the opportunity to also contribute to a more sustainable world by investing in cleaner air, richer soil life, nitrogen fixation and creating a safe and natural ecosystem for flora and fauna.

What is a Food Forest?

Green deal definition

‘A food forest is a productive ecosystem designed by humans along the lines of a natural forest with the aim of producing food. Food forests are a specific form of agroforestry (‘agroforestry’) with as distinctive features: a vegetation layer with tall crown trees, at least three other vegetation layers, a rich forest soil life and a robust size. A ‘robust’ size is needed to achieve a vital, self-sustaining forest ecosystem and equals at least 0.5 hectares in an ecologically rich environment and at least 20 hectares in a severely impoverished environment. A Food Forest harbours a richly diverse, rapidly increasing biodiversity. A food forest has no room for farm animals or annual crops.”

Waarom een voedselbos?


A well-designed food forest ensures among other things. nitrogen fixation and CO2 storage. Among other things, this results in healthy soil life, which in turn ensures nutrient exchange between the various trees, plants, herbs and flowers. This eliminates the need for external inputs and creates a fungal network (mycelium) that enters into symbiosis with the flora and fauna growing above ground. This contributes to healthy soil with efficient water management! The enormous biodiversity attracts many insects and animals. Each contribute to the ecosystem and have plenty of food and even nesting and hiding places. The planting naturally also provides food. Think of all kinds of nuts, fruits, mushrooms. But also species that can serve as ingredients to make paints, binders, soaps, braids or tinctures and supporting ointments.