Hygiene protection

Reinasan is the environment-friendly alternative for optimised hygiene and health. Maximum protection and minimal maintenance. In addition, the lifecycle of products is extended, thanks to our 24/7 hygiene protection. Experience the permanent protection yourself now.

Protects Surfaces

Why Hygiene protection

Safer products, reduced absenteeism, less waste and improvement of, for instance, the food safety. Our water-based products contain a natural, 24/7 active surface protection. This ensures a permanent effect, improving and safeguarding the hygiene, health and safety.

Permanent Hygiene

The new standard

Not only does Reinasan distinguish itself by the environment-friendly basis, but also by the permanent (24/7) active protection. Common cleaning- and protective products must be used or applied regularly, in contrast to the Reinasan products. Frequent measuring guarantees the lasting hygiene.


Combating the source

Our products are water-based and safe for the care-, cure – as well as the food industry. It is not a disinfectant, which makes it safer to humans, animals and the environment. Dangerous growth of bacteria and pollution are tackled at the source.


No half measures

The products and methods of Reinasan are very effective and easy to use. Our protective products make all materials easy to clean . For instance displays and other sensitive materials are not affected. Permanently active on any surface.


Frequently asked questions

No, also in other market segments where hygiene plays an important role

Traditional products function as a momentary recording, whereas our products are active 24/7

That does not offer added value in connection with the attachment of the product. We recommend to wash your hands

Our protection agents are applied by our partners

Other question? Contact us.

Durable technology

Our mission

Effectively and durably creating a lasting hygienic environment, in a simple way, that is our mission. The permanent effect of our agents and methods makes the frequent application of disinfectants redundant. This can lead to substantial gain on transport, plastic waste, production processes and storage. As such, we work on a cleaner environment, together with our partners and service providers.

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