Vehicle exterior protection

Rims that don’t get clean or barely clean, unrecognizable brake calipers and certain plastic parts are completely weathered by influences of the elements. To still achieve desired results, these parts require extra time and energy in the form of machine or manual labor and are almost always accompanied by aggressive cleaning agents and lots of water use. Reinasan offers the solution.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan Protection

Applying Reinasan 24/7 Active Protection adds extra functionality to the object/product. For example, with the pH neutral and environmentally friendly maintenance product available, rims are easy to clean without intensive use of water. Through the garden hose or even with a watering can, the ”dirt” is easily removed. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



The service life is extended, thus saving and delaying costs, investments and intensive maintenance. The environment is also spared because water consumption is many times lower and heavy alkaline detergents are no longer needed.


Safe by design

The protection and care products have no negative effects on existing properties of the fabrics or materials. It is guaranteed for up to 2 years. It is suitable for new and or existing materials and there is no hindrance when the treatment is reapplied after the guarantee period.


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