Whether it is a luxury yacht, a cruise ship or pleasure boat, all face the same challenges. These include sun-worn parts, green deposits, spiking, difficult-to-clean surface types with heavy chemicals often as an emergency solution. Reinasan offers the solution.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan Protection

The system we developed protects all surface types. By applying Reinasan 24/7 Active Protection, additional functionalities are added to the object/product. For example, degradation and ageing of fabric, plastic and stitching is prevented. There is also active source control of organic and atmospheric contamination such as mould, algae and air pollution. This preserves the appearance as when new. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



The service life is extended, thus saving and delaying costs, investments and intensive maintenance. The environment is also spared because of the many times lower water consumption and heavy alkaline (cleaning) agents are unnecessary.


Safe by design

The protection and maintenance products have no negative effects on existing properties of the construction or material types. A 5-year guarantee is given for demonstrable performance and durability. Also through measurements and easy maintenance with environmentally friendly products, there is a grasp of total control. Aesthetically, nothing changes on the surface.


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