Tents & awnings protection

An embarrassment, or even worse, beyond filthy! Fungi affecting tent fabrics…. Green, grey and even black. Sometimes people think they can solve this with chlorine-based aggressive agents, or even more drastic; using the high-pressure sprayer! There is certainly a chance of removing the unwanted dirt, but also the sensitive stitching. Apart from this damage, the fabric fibre will also be affected, allowing dirt to adhere better. Reinasan offers the solution for this.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan protection

Applying Reinasan 24/7 Active Protection adds extra functionality to the object/product. This prevents degradation and ageing of fabrics, plastics and stitching, among other things. Active source control of organic and atmospheric contamination such as mould, algae and air pollution also takes place. It retains the freshness and appearance as in new condition. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



Together with rainwater and the available pH-neutral maintenance agent, guaranteed an easy-to-clean surface, aesthetically pleasing for longer, life extended and thus saving costs and investments. Hard-to-reach objects/parts are easy to keep clean.


Safe by design

The protection and care products have no negative effects on existing properties of fabrics or materials. It comes with a 5-year warranty for proven performance and durability. It is suitable for new and or existing materials.


Experience the power of Reinasan

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