Acoustic panels and walls

Acoustic panels or walls are not the easiest surface types to clean. And even extra sensitive because of their absorbent function. Skin oils, coffee and, of course, wine are a serious problem for them. Reinasan has the solution!

Sustainable protection

Reinasan Protection

By applying Reinasan 24/7 active Protection, additional functionalities are added to the object/product. For example, with the pH neutral maintenance agent available, stains are easily removed. Dust particles are no longer attracted and the aesthetics remain longer. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



Its lifespan is extended, thus saving costs and investments. Last but not least, it retains the cleanliness and appearance of new condition.


Safe by design

The protection and maintenance products have no negative effects on existing qualities of fabrics or materials. It is guaranteed for proven performance and durability for 5 years. It is suitable for new and or existing materials and there is no hindrance when the treatment is reapplied after the guarantee period.


Experience the power of Reinasan

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