Interior protection

The Reinasan system keeps surfaces stain-free and reduces unpleasant odours easily. Active source control also takes place, giving bacteria and fungi no chance to develop or multiply. All this with minimal maintenance and extension of product life. Experience our permanent protection for yourself.

Existing objects


The Reinasan system can be applied to both new as exsisting objects. By cleaning at the molecular level, it results in deep cleaning. From pores to underlying fibres, Reinasan products tackle the pollution. This ensures a visibly and measurably cleaner result. The object/surface type is now free of pollution in depth. Subsequently, the protective layer to be applied can adhere sufficiently. This procedure ensures that used surface types or objects are given a second life.


Total Cost of Ownership

By applying our products, materials and objects retain their original appearance and last longer. Listing all the costs and savings will give you a quick insight into the benefits.


Prevention is better than the cure

Stubborn stains, residue build-up, slip hazards or dirt build-up can be easily prevented by having our indoor protection applied. This makes the treated object easy to clean and the Reinasan pH environmentally friendly detergent provides support where needed.


Less is more

The indoor protection contains several strong properties. For example, it has high scratch resistance and its performance is guaranteed for up to 5 years. The product is water-based, invisible and safe for surface and user. The objects that have been treated are registered with a serial number, so it is always possible to find out when it was applied and whether you are still under warranty.



The effect of indoor protection is measurable. Where necessary or desirable, use can be made of our Reinasan advisory department. In this way, measuring moments can be scheduled periodically to keep a grip on cleanliness and hygiene.


Frequently asked questions

All material types for ”indoor” use

Light (artificial or sunlight) is required to be able to guarantee the 24/7 effectiveness

That is why we recommend our Deep Cleaning products

Slipping hazard is often caused by residue and accumulation of dirt. The protection prevents the dirt from attaching and, as a result of the maintenance agents, no accumulation of residue can take place

Yes and no. Yes; it is possible, but the we cannot grant a warranty, due to possible accumulation of dirt and/or residue

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