Our mission

Using our durable method, we strive, together with our partners, for a cleaner and durable world. We attempt to achieve this by structuring our production processes, transport, use of plastic and products as efficiently as possible. Our protection agents (PSS) and our cleaning agents (DCS) function on the basis of catalysts. Nearly all of these are pH neutral. This way, we ensure that man, animal and environment are not exposed to heavy or undesired chemicals.

Keep it clean

Every surface permanently clean and protected

Leading by development. Reinasan strives for an increasingly cleaner world. How do we do this? Get to know the new standard. Will you take action?

Will you take action too?

Measurable effect

The products of Reinasan offer warranty with tangible and measurable effect. By means of our measuring techniques and various monitoring techniques we can directly inventory the efficiency. This way, you will get a grip on what is clean: hygiene and safety in practice, because to measure is to know. Easily optimise material integrity and hygiene.

We do it together

Our partners

Reinasan works exclusively with partners that excel in their own market segment. For instance automotive, construction & property, chemistry, oil & energy, facility services, healthcare & pharmacy, wholesale & retail, hospitality sector, ICT, industry & production, education, government, travel & leisure, transport & logistics and corporate service.