We are Reinasan consultancy. We work with vision, expertise and innovative advice with measurable results for a future-proof living environment and sustainable business. In doing so, the laws and regulations surrounding sustainability are becoming increasingly important. Our clients can be found in the public and private sector in the Netherlands and abroad. Let us know which challenge you are facing!

New sustainable standard

What we work on

Sustainability has become a positive spearhead in society and applies in many areas. The Reinasan system is a sustainable innovation and provides unique and valuable solutions where we link environmental aspects, health and longer product life. This leads to much better and cheaper solutions. Fundamentally, it is all about humans, animals and the environment functioning in harmony and respect with each other. The Reinasan system helps to increase sustainability. Let us together create a green footprint.

Next level care & cure

The Reinasan system

Reinasan system is a unique combination of products and methods providing permanent active protection for a wide variety of surfaces and devices. In addition to applying good hand hygiene, the Reinasan system ensures optimal microbiological hygiene at hand contact points, minimising or preventing the transfer of micro-organisms to persons or objects. By taking regular measurements in the work area, complemented by the Reinasan monitoring system, hygiene is maintained.

How it works?

Reinasan advice

Making your company future-proof by achieving permanent change together. That journey always starts with the development of a sustainable vision and a crystal-clear strategy. And then we get to work, by guiding your company in accelerating the transformation. In doing so, we are not satisfied until results are achieved. We work with head, heart and soul. We complement this with our intrinsic motivation to contribute to a greener world. That way, together with you, we ensure sustainable change that really matters.


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