Protection for Care & Cure

Unpleasant odours to smelly rooms, having to use environmentally and human harmful chemical cleaning agents to comply with certain hygiene regulations. Not having enough time or staff for certain daily and weekly tasks.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan Protection

Applying Reinasan 24/7 Active Protection adds additional functionality to hygiene-sensitive objects or surface types. This creates effective source control so that microbiology and unpleasant odours have no chance to develop. Even any stains are easily removed with the available pH-neutral maintenance agent. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



Heavy chemicals are unnecessary, extending the life span resulting in cost savings. The system affects not only hygiene, but also behavioural change, safety and disease spread.


Safe by design

Hazard-free protection and care agents have no negative effects on existing properties of fabrics or materials. This also prevents residue build-up and cross-contamination. There is a guarantee of up to 3 years on demonstrable performance and durability. This is secured with measurements on the spot. This gives you a grip on a healthy workplace that has an impact on sick leave, among other things.


Experience the power of Reinasan

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