Deep cleaning

Superficial cleaning is not something that we believe in. Our solutions ensure the ultimate cleaning, into the core of any fibre. Experience our deep cleaning yourself, now.

Protects Surfaces

Why Deep cleaning

By means of cleaning into the core, we remove any form of dirt accumulation. There can be no breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other types of pollution. The Reinasan surface treatment, in the form of protection, can only be applied to a clean base.


Into the depth

By cleaning at a molecular level, in-depth cleaning is created. Reinasan takes on cleaning from the pores of the underlying fibres. This ensure an obvious and measurably cleaner result, as a result of which surface types and objects are given a second life.



The Reinasan cleaning products* will be 98% biodegradable within 14 days and comply with the European guidelines.

*made in Holland


Safety first!

By working predominantly with pH-neutral products, not only does the work process become more pleasant, but also lots safer. Warning symbols or hazard sign will not be found on our products. Thus, we protect humans, animals and nature against undesired chemicals.


Frequentely asked questions

It is a non-corrosive product and it can be used on any surface.

Yes, it can be used on all types of floors and other material types. It is quite user-friendly, efficient and can easily be combined with our Ergo mop, HD bamboo cloth, non-scratch pads, brush machine, steam machine, floor machines, sprayers (battery)..

Has a high concentration, aftereffect, is efficient in use and replaces all other types of products that are used normally.

Refer to the storage instructions on the label. The shelf life last for up to 1.5 years.

This is a unique cleaning product, based on Bio catalysts. Instead of detaching dirt and replacing / smearing it, the bio catalyst in our product ensures that the compound of the pollution/stain is decomposed (comparable with digestion in our bodies). This way, the product can do its work in the deep cores of the pores of the surface. In there, it breaks down the composition of pollutions in a natural way, to substances useable for nature. These broken down pollutions can subsequently easily be removed.

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Durable technology

Our mission

The Reinasan stsems are based on innovative environment- and durability principles. Together with our partners we want to create a green footprint, for a more healthy planet.

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