Interior protection

The Reinasan method and solutions ensure that you keep surfaces stain-free, as well as the reduction of nasty odours in an easy manner. This all requires minimal maintenance and guarantees extension of the lifecycle of products. Experience our lasting protection yourself now.

Protects Surfaces

Why Interior protection

Our Interior protection ensures a permanent protection of all surfaces indoors. This way you can easily prevent organic pollution, stains, discolouring, fungi and unpleasant odours.


Total Cost of Ownership

By applying our products, materials and objects retain their original appearance for a longer period of time, while they also last longer. By listing all costs and savings, you will soon gain insight in the benefits.


Prevention is better than the cure

Persistent stains, accumulation of residue, slipping hazard or accumulation of dirt can easily be prevented by making use of our interior protection.


Less is more

The Interior protection contains multiple strong properties. It has a high scratch resistance, the effect is guaranteed for as long as 5 years. The agent is water-based, invisible and safe to surface and user. The objects treated will be registered by use of a serial number, so it can always be tracked when it was applied and whether the warranty is still valid.


Frequently asked questions

All material types for ”indoor” use

Light (artificial or sunlight) is required to be able to guarantee the 24/7 effectiveness

That is why we recommend our Deep Cleaning products

Slipping hazard is often caused by residue and accumulation of dirt. The protection prevents the dirt from attaching and, as a result of the maintenance agents, no accumulation of residue can take place

Yes and no. Yes; it is possible, but the we cannot grant a warranty, due to possible accumulation of dirt and/or residue

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Durable technology

Our mission

Sharing our knowledge with our partners enables us to simplify existing processes, so we can jointly contribute to the environment, the public health and durability. This way, we keep the earth habitable longer, together.

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