Solar panels protection

The yield of solar panels decreases due to the accumulation of dust and other dirt. Especially if they are not at the perfect angle, a layer of residue quickly forms on the panel that gets worse and worse. Reinasan’s ‘Solar Panel Protection’ offers the solution.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan protection

The system we developed protects all types of solar panel installations from contamination. Reinasan Protection is active 24/7 and is guaranteed to work on a solar panel for 10 years. When we apply it to a surface, such as glass, we create a layer that actively fights the source of organic and atmospheric pollution. Decay, algae deposits and glass corrosion are thus prevented. Thanks to our Protection, rain can keep the panels clean. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



Save in maintenance costs by not having to go up on the roof to clean. Should you still need to clean in case of heavy soiling, we offer a pH-neutral maintenance product for ergonomic and easy maintenance. This demonstrably preserves your energy yield and extends the life of your solar panels.


Safe by design

Our protection and maintenance products have no negative effects on humans and the environment. We give a 10-year guarantee on the demonstrable performance and durability of our protectant.


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