Food Industry

Due to higher costs, staff shortages and lack of time, certain surface types are often not cleaned (as well). Think of the hard-to-reach (lower) parts of large machines, silos or conveyor belts, or because of stubborn deposits from certain production processes. Within this industry, there is an enormous diversity of surface types that are more than a challenge to keep clean and, above all, hygienic. Reinasan offers the solution.

Sustainable protection

Reinasan Protection

The system we developed protects all desired objects and surface types. Additional functionalities are added by applying Reinasan 24/7 active Protection. Permanent dismantling of microbiology prevents unpleasant odours, raises hygiene standards and improves production processes. Daily maintenance works through the available pH neutral and environmentally friendly maintenance agent. Click down below to discover how the Reinasan system works.



The service life is extended, thus saving costs, intensive maintenance with aggressive chemicals and investments. Production processes come to a standstill less or hardly at all due to lagging hygiene or increased pollution. The ”waste water” no longer contains heavy chemical cleaning agents.


Safe by design

The protection and care products have no negative effects on existing properties of fabrics or materials. It is guaranteed for up to 5 years for proven performance and durability. It is suitable for new and or existing materials and there is no hindrance when the treatment is reapplied after the guarantee period.


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