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For De Vergroening, we are busy establishing a VZW. We are doing this together with the owner of the plot where the planting will be realised. A VZW is a non-profit association consisting of a group of natural persons or legal entities pursuing a disinterested goal. The plot is located in Belgium, just across the border near southern Limburg, Holland, hence the choice for a VZW. Donations will therefore go through the VZW. 

Before that happens, you can still make a reservation via the form below.

Winter 2023

Currently, the preparation of the food forest is in full swing. That is, we are further developing the design to scale in detail. 

The design now shows how wide and with which species (>15) the wind hedge will be realised. More than 1,500 will be planted this winter. This in collaboration with Regional Landscape and the National Tree Foundation.

The ‘swales’ have also been drawn in after being laser-measured in the plot. These swales, especially in the initial phase, have an important role; water management!

The soil

The plot was rented for years by a local organic farmer. The grass was cut for his organic cows. Of course, the cows also “cut” the grass themselves. For the last 15 years, no poison or other so-called “plant protection products” were used. What the farmer did to enrich the soil (with more nitrogen) was to plant peas.

We will do the same, but in a different way. With perennials in the form of a polyculture instead of annuals in a monoculture.

Healthy soil is the basis for a healthy ecosystem!

The species

Apart from the wind hedge with a huge diversity of shrubs and trees, many other species will be planted. Our plant list includes more than 200 species. Think of the Ginkgo Biloba (Japanese walnut tree), Butter Cherry, Long of Lod (walnut), Pineapple Strawberry (apple), Citron des Carmes (pear), Mulberry, Kiwiberry, Tonda di Giffione (hazel), as well as Badger Chives, Grapes, Dogwood, Black Alder, Wood Rose and so much more.

We created a 12-month flowering bow in the design! With the aim of providing the insects, bees and other species with as many blossoms as possible. Of course, we ourselves also enjoy this immensely.

Soon there will be another update here!

March 2024

The first planting is a fact! Work is currently in progress; the planting of the wind hedge. The photo clearly shows the rows. Blocks of 8 – 10 plants of the same species are being planted each time. For example, 8 hazels. Then a block with yellow dogwood. Then a block with medlars. This repeats with 10 different species. A block is about 3 x 3 M. This prevents competition between the species and ensures a mixture of blossom, fruit ripening and colours. Behind this will be slightly taller species, such as birch, sweet chestnut, ash, rowan, etc. This will create a strong, dense hedge that breaks the wind, provides opportunity for birds to nest and provides food, nitrogen fixation and water management. TO BE CONTINUED!


April 2024

The planting has come through the first phase nicely! The spring weather has done well, life is visible in the picture as well as in De Vergroening.

Next month, the follow-up will be discussed and dates planned to realise the swales and the pond. We will also reserve the new planting material. More hedge planting material and tall-stemmed fruit and nut trees.

Furthermore, all young plants have been provided with a layer of wood chips which act as mulch. In this way, we stimulate the fungal network, the planting stock is somewhat protected from competitive strong species and the intense summer sun and the chips retain moisture longer. At this stage when we are starting up the system, care for the soil is very important. This is now bacterially dominant. Perennials do better when there is a balance between bacteria and fungi.

An up-date soon!

Up-date soon!

The soil will be more spoiled in about a week or two. When this is showing, an up-date will follow with a pic!

Stay tuned!

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