What are Bacilli?

Bacilli, a class of bacteria, can be divided into orders; Bacillales and the Lactobacillales. The latter also contains the Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria). There is also a bacillus that causes tuberculosis; Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tubercle bacillus). Taxonomic classification is as follows; Realm: Bacteria, Stem: Firmicutes, Class: Bacilli. The Lactobacillus are anaerobic and mostly aerotolerant. Under the microscope, they are only visible by staining. In the fermentation process, they convert sugars into lactic acid. For example, white cabbage is converted into sauerkraut. They are also active in milk, bread, kefir, sourdough bread and yogurt. Also, they are among the most important bacteria in our intestinal flora and in women also in the vaginal flora. There are also lactic acid bacteria that cause disease and caries