What is ecological?

Ecology is a separate science within biology. The literal meaning derived from the Greek is “science of housekeeping.” There are many types of context in which ecology emerges. One of these forms is sustainable living. Also called the interaction between populations, organisms and landscapes and their non-biological environment. But ecology also exists in the context of politics, that the earth comes first rather than man. The focal point of ecology represents a good balance between people and the environment. People who live according to an ecological lifestyle live the least environmental impact possible.

Ecological products

An ecological product is cleanly produced throughout its entire life cycle. That is without the use of harmful sources, additives or methods in the production process to the use and finally the waste phase. All processes are checked while certifying a product to ensure it is ecological.

Reasons for ecological product use

Meanwhile, there are plenty of ecological products on the market. In addition to using ecological products being better for the environment, there are other reasons to use and produce ecological products:

  • Feeling good – By consciously dealing with the environment, not damaging it
  • Warranty – Ecological products are guaranteed by a certificate
  • Health – Natural fertilizers and no added chemicals make for a healthier body
  • Soil protection – Producing the right product in the right soil, as well as saving natural resources by not using them
  • Water protection – Natural water sources are protected