What is environmentally friendly?

The literal meaning of environmentally friendly is: not burdening or polluting the environment. The environment represents an environment in which something or someone lives. The meaning of environment at the ecological level is always considered when using the term environmentally friendly. When a product is environmentally friendly, it means that a production process, the use of a product and the waste phase do not harm the environment. This includes:

  • No environmental pollution occurs – By chemistry, noise, light, radiation
  • No depletion of natural resources occurs – Reusing energy or clean energy
  • No impact takes place on ecology – Biodiversity, soil life

Environmentally friendly living

There are several ways you can live more environmentally friendly. First, you can waste less water by being more economical at home by taking shorter showers, for example. In fact, purifying water takes a lot of energy and comes at the expense of natural water resources. Second, you can use fewer chemicals. Consider using natural-based cleaning agents that are not harmful to nature, materials and skin. In addition, you can think of:

  • Reducing waste
  • Buying local products
  • Reduced travel by vehicles that use fuel
  • Economical use of electricity
  • Separation of waste