Roof protection

The Reinasan system ensures that roofs become easy to clean and retain their fresh appearance longer in a simple way. This i.c.m. minimal maintenance so that the life span of the treated roofs is extended. Experience our lasting protection for yourself now.

Reinasan protection

Outdoor protection

The applied protective layer prevents organic dirt (e.g., lichen, feces or atmospheric) from adhering to the surface. The source is addressed which also eliminates side effects. It also creates an air-purifying and antistatic effect.


Protective layer 2.0

The Reinasan
Roof Protection
liquid is applied by means of an HVLP sprayer to the material before it is delivered to the (end) customer. This is done ex-factory, or at the dealer. It may happen that the product is still coated on site, before delivery. Thus, the 24/7 active applied protective layer can adhere and remain functional to a maximum extent.

Deep cleaning

Give existing roofs second life?

Prevention is better than cure! But that does not mean that pre-existing roofs could not be provided with the protective coating! By the Reinasan
Deep Cleaning Solutions
the roof becomes as clean as new and can then be coated with the protective layer. That way the roof will be clean again, and stay that way, with a 10-year warranty!


Environmentally friendly and safe (deep) cleaning

The Reinasan deep cleaning liquids are 98% absorbed by the environment within 14 days. Easily ”degradable” in other words! Also, they are pH neutral; material and people friendly! Combining them with the right tools often produces amazing results. Thanks to this method, it gets clean at the micro level and the object/material type is ready to be coated with the protective layer.

Yes I want this

This Reinasan system has been extensively tested in practice and is ready to be widely marketed. New partners can apply to apply this system to their business.