Exterior protection

Objects exposed to weather conditions such as UV light, air pollution and temperature fluctuations often suffer. Our solutions extend the life of every object and material type. Experience our permanent (24/7) protection for yourself now.

Existing objects


The Reinasan system can be applied to both new as existing objects. By cleaning at the molecular level, it creates a deep cleaning into the pores. This ensures a visibly and measurably cleaner result. The object/surface type is now free of contamination in depth. Subsequently, the protective layer to be applied can adhere sufficiently. This working method ensures that used surface types or objects are given a second life, the service life is extended considerably and that with an air-purifying effect!


Financial advantages

Everything is subject to contamination and ageing. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, involves large investments, especially for buildings and other building objects. By applying the Reinasan system, savings can easily be made.


First impression

An office façade, blinds, window frames… the entrance to your building is a business card. Ageing, discolouration and deterioration caused by pollutants such as algae, mosses, fungi or air pollution affect façades and awnings, among others. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past when you use the Reinasan system method. Who doesn’t want that?



Our products are water-based. They have a natural and active effect through catalysts. No heavy chemicals, chlorine compounds or alcohol-based products. Because we work with Ph neutral biodegradable agents, they can be applied easily, quickly and safely.



The effect of outdoor protection is measurable. Where necessary or desirable, our Reinasan advisory department can be used. In this way, measuring moments can be scheduled periodically to keep a grip on cleanliness and thus the life span of the object.


Frequently asked questions

Differences in, for instance, warranty and functional properties

We guarantee for 10 years

No, only partners who have received specific training

Nearly all protection- and impregnating products are passive, so they do nothing about the pollution itself, they are merely water-repellent. Our protection has an active effect that works 24/7 and converts pollution into environment-friendly and degradable substances. Also because the treated surface has become antistatic and the rain-wash-effect, the surfaces stay cleaner. As such, we create permanently clean surfaces. The protection goes deep inside the pores (at nano-level) of the surface

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Durable technology

Our mission

Our ambition is a durable world. Meanwhile, the Reinasan method has been used many times by our partners. We sincerely hope to be able to welcome more new partners, so the green footprint will keep spreading.

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